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The Road Not Taken is an art exhibit inspired by the poetry of Robert Frost and conceived by Corinne Dodge, Judy Krassowski and myself for the re-opening of the Derry Public Library, Derry NH, in September 2011. After a few months’ residence at the Derry site, we decided to look for other New Hampshire venues for the exhibit - other “roads” for it to travel. It is currently touring public venues throughout New Hampshire.

The artwork (20-30 pieces) includes both new works inspired by the words of Robert Frost and some older pieces that provide vivid and connective imagery for his anthology of poems. We chose The Road Not Taken to be interpreted by each of us as the lead works for the exhibit.  The other works (which are accompanied in the exhibit by a selected verse), were chosen by each of us individually. Planning for this exhibit afforded us the chance to revisit Frost’s poetry ~ sometimes reading and rereading his poems over and over. Many of them were like old friends and very familiar; some were unfamiliar and intriguing.

Our hope is that the exhibit will inspire others to revisit Frost’s work, or discover it for the first time. It’s been an interesting journey with moments of serendipity. We met fellow artist Nicole De Clerck at the Plaistow Library where she was exhibiting part of her “authors collection” at the Plaistow Library, including portrait of a young Robert Frost ~ a print of her portrait has been traveling with us ever since!  We were introduced to four intriguing marble busts by Frost’s daughter Irma in the attic of the Robert Frost Farm Historic Site ~ we made them part of the exhibit!  Our ambitious goal is to reach all corners of the state.  We look forward to more encounters on the journey.

Exhibit Schedule

Watch the events page for details.  If you are interested in scheduling the exhibit for your venue contact me.

Also check out the new exhibit website: www.poeticfrostart.com

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The Road Not Taken -
Artistic Interpretations of the
Poetry of Robert Frost

Ingeborg V. Seaboyer - The Road Not Taken exhibitIngeborg V. Seaboyer - The Road Less Traveled - Inge Watercolor portraitIngeborg V. Seaboyer - Rose PegoniaIngeborg V. Seaboyer - Red OakIngeborg V. Seaboyer - Trillium

Set up at the Frost Free Library in Marlborough NH.   ©Judy Krassowski

Rogers Memorial Library

©Judy Krassowski